About KRT

Welcome to the Konocti Regional Trails (KRT) Discussion Group!

Our goal is to develop a series of both land and water-based non-motorized, interconnecting trails throughout Lake County, California.

The KRT group is currently working with Alta Planning & Design to develop a Trails Master Plan, which will guide Lake County in future trail development.

Who is the KRT group? We are comprised of representatives from various Lake County departments, organizations, volunteers and YOU! We need public support and help to make this a reality.

The trails system is based on a three-tiered hierarchy:

  • Regional Trails (RT), connecting neighboring communities or regionally significant attractions.
  • Community Connector Pathways (CP), link important land uses and areas of interest, into the regional system
  • Local Trails/Pathways (LT), connect neighborhoods to schools, shopping; trails within parks.

We have divided the county into six regional study areas. Within each of these regions, we (and you) can work on smaller projects, such as local pathways.

How can you help?

  • Provide input on trail concepts and connections.
  • Attend meetings, give political support.
  • By volunteering to build and/or maintain trails.
  • Collect information on potential trail routes by GPSing and ground-truthing.
  • Write up summaries/descriptions of current trails for posting on the website.
  • Write up grant proposals
  • Network with other groups

Please feel free to comment on any of the discussion areas. We have a few simple rules:

  • We would appreciate that you use your real name when commenting, as we are building a collaborative group based on trust.
  • We appreciate constructive criticisms and comments, but will not post negativity or rantings.
  • There are no bad ideas – just some that might work better than others!

If you wish to get on the mailing list, or sign up for potential volunteer activities, you can do so on the main website – there are forms on the lower left sidebar.

Thanks for being interested in Konocti Regional Trails!



    1. I think this is a great idea. I hope that the group will get some support from the County for this project.

      • Thanks Winifred. They absolutely support it, in fact the Board of Supervisors approved hiring the consultants who are writing up the Master Plan. The Public Workshops are being held by the County, and once the plan is completed, it will go to the Supervisors for approval. We have several Lake County departments actively involved in the trails process.
        Holly Harris

    2. Comment – new topic:

      Sorry that I have not been able to read all the info re: new trails, but do the plans include any areas for motorized vehicles, for example, BMX, motocross, ATV’s, etc? I would very much be in favor of this – particularly if the new track owners (Oasis Motocross on Hwy 20) were involved to provide input in the planning, and ONLY if the trails were planned ahead and managed appropriately.
      As we know, motorized vehicles can cause a lot of damage, but, if a trail is well-designed and planned beforehand, it could add another source of tourist $$. Also, it would be a source of exercise and quality entertainment for kids, and an opportunity to incorporate environmental education and experiencing nature BEYOND what kids can watch on the internet.
      Already this spring we are seeing a lot of interest in the new Oasis track (which is near the entrance to CLO), and we want to support and promote this new business for our community.
      Whether legal or not, there are a significant number of people who ride motocross, ATV’s, etc, in our backcountry, and therefore, it would make sense to offer a fun and easily accessible trail where erosion and other damage is prevented and managed. Perhaps a trail for motorized vehicles is already planned, but if not, I truly believe it would be a missed opportunity for our community. Rather than our current practice of turning our heads and pretending that we did not hear it when someone mentions riding in the backcountry, we should face the reality that legally acquired and owned vehicles are being illegally ridden in our backcountry. Therefore, we should offer a well-planned and managed trail for motorized vehicles.
      I am only in favor of this trail IF and ONLY IF it is planned and managed on a permanent basis (NOT only when we have the $$ to manage it) where habitat destruction and environmental impact is minimized.
      Lets give our kids an opportunity to grow, be healthy, and to follow laws rather than starting them out in a pattern of breaking laws because we are unable to manage the laws that we have already written.

      • Hi Steve:
        Thanks for the input. The vision statement for this particular group – KRT – includes non-motorized only. There are three large areas in Lake County that are being managed for motorized activity besides the Oasis. These are:

        1) BLM’s South Cow Mountain OHV Recreation Area emphasizes off-highway vehicle use. Over 120 miles of vehicle trails interweave 23,000 acres, and offer challenges to motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, and four-wheel drive enthusiasts alike. Non-motorized recreation is also welcome. There are two developed campgrounds and two OHV staging areas. This is located outside of Lakeport. A PDF of the map can be found at South Cow Mountain Map

        2) BLM’s Knoxville Recreation Area. Knoxville has 52 miles of roads and trails and 1 staging area – this is located outside of Lower Lake. A PDF of the map can be found at Knoxville Map

        3) Mendocino National Forest’s South Upper Lake Ranger Station. Located up Elk Mountain Road. Mendocino National Forest offers over 241 miles of designated OHV trails providing exciting riding opportunities for a wide range of ability levels and vehicle types. A PDF of the map can be found at South Upper Lake Ranger Station Map Cover/Inset
        and South Upper Lake Ranger Station Map

        Both BLM and MNF are active in developing and maintaining areas for OHV trails.
        We appreciate the comments and hope this information helps out!

    3. Is there work being done to prepare/clear trails for the grand opening? If so, where and when. I would like to volunteer some weekend time.

      • Hi Elisa:
        I am going to forward this to Kim Clymire for an answer – he is working on the Mt Konocti Grand Opening.
        Thanks for the email!

        • Thanks for the note Elisa.
          The current status of the mountain is that we have to realign the road near the entrance to move it app 500 feet away from the seller’s residence. The seller, Michael Fowler, retained 160 acres on the mountain and we have an easement across his property to access ours. We cannot do road work until April 15 at the earliest, weather permitting, as that is when the grading season opens.

          In addition, I have a Master Management Plan Committee that is working on developing a draft Master Plan that will govern the use of the property. Uses being considered are: hikers only, hikers with dogs on a leash, equestrian use, and non motorized mountain bikes. We are currently having a botanist do an inventory of the plants on the mountain and identifying sensitive areas that should be avoided. In order to insure that the mountain is preserved and conserved properly, we plan to take it slow by opening the mountain only to hikers (hopefully sometime in June after the road re-alignment) using the existing service roads and then over the next year or two decide how the mountain, keeping preservation and conservation in mind, will be used. That will include whether or not to re-claim trails, create new trails, what type of trails, etc.

          Thanks again for your interest! I have your contact info and will keep you in the loop with updates as we move forward. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

          Kim K. Clymire
          Public Services Director

    4. Such great work, benefiting all of us in lake county and the many visitors who want to come and explore
      all this beauty.

    5. Hello Konocti Water Trail Folks,

      I am glad to see you are making progress on your Water Trail master plan for Clear Lake.

      I am with a group up at Lake Tahoe who are also developing a water trail around our lake. I wonder if we could share insights into what has worked and what has not in the development of a water trail.

      Our web site is:

      I specifically am looking for successes you have had with private property owners who have concerns that kayakers will not respect their property rights. Does your plan include any type of “Code of Respect” or Kayaker’s Rights and Responsibilities” that lists what kayakers should and should not do regarding private property or even public property not designated for camping?

      We have been successful in developing a water trail map, but getting public agencies to provide services for kayakers on the water trail, such as launch sites with parking, restrooms, picnicking and camping areas, etc, is still a work in progress.

      Thanks for your input.

    6. Hello,
      I’m very excited about the resent Konocti purchase by Lake County! I’ve always thought it a shame that such a landmark was privately owned. As you may or may not know, I’m a local author. My novels SECRET ON COBB MOUNTAIN and RETURN TO COBB MOUNTAIN have gotten some very positive write ups and reviews locally and elsewhere. One review calls them ‘word tours of Lake County’. My favorite said they are like 3 books in one- great mystery, wonderful romance and a tour guide to Lake County. I’m in the editing stage of the third of the series KONOCTI CAVES. I want to plan the opening to be in conjunction with the opening of the mountain and would love to be included in any of the festivities associated with the opening of the Mountain to the public- or the Konocti Trails project if at all possible. I had heard that it was to be in April, but I just read above that that is when work will begin on the road. Could you please let me know the time table if one has been established? And a contact number would be great! My email is kit@videobykitdee and my cell number is 350-1967. btw I’ve arranged for some of the proceeds from the book to go to CMAS the children museum, which I spearheaded in 2004. I was the first Executive Director but had to resign when my husband had serious heart problems. Carolynn Jarred is the current Ex. Director. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

    7. Dear Kit,

      Thank you for your interest in the County’s newest addition to our park system, the exciting Mt. Konocti project. We are currently doing CEQA in order to open the park on June 4, 2011 and will install signs, benches, tables, restrooms, a trail away from the seller’s residence, etc. prior to that date. We cannot construct the trail until April 15 when the grading season opens. (We may be able to do it earlier after CEQA is done and if we have a significant dry weather spell and can obtain a variance from the Community Development Department. In addition, we are not interested in creating alot of hype on the possibility of Caves on the mountain until we determine, if in fact, we want to explore that possibility and if we do, it will be under strict constraints. We will not allow people to go on the mountain and do self exploration by unlawfully digging, clearing, etc. The major concern and emphasis for the site is preservation and conservation.

      Hope this helps. Thanks again for your interest. And feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss the parks plans further.

    8. I’d like to look at a trail that connects Highland Springs to Mt Konocti. I think there are several possible ways to do this. My preference is to avoid roads as much we can. There are several potential links in the neighborhood of Wight Way.

    9. How would one arrange for a mt. bike ascent/descent of Konocti?
      I’m aware that it in not currently allowed, but is there way to arrange a mt. bike tour?
      Been biking in Napa County for the past 20 years. I’ve always eyed Konocti and would love the opportunity to ride off the summit.

      • Hi Brent:
        Currently the mountain is open for hiking daily from sunrise to sunset. Part of the purchase terms (it is currently a County Park) included a revokable easemenet for three years, so the County is being cautious about activities. Yes, it is possible to arrange a group event for mountain biking (they are not allowing single riders, it would have to be an organized event), but you would need to contact Caroline Chavez, Public Services Director, at caroline_c@co.lake.ca.us and outline your plans to see if they fit.
        Thanks for the email and interest.
        Holly Harris

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