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Eastshore Study Area

Communities and Destination Areas : Lower Lake, Clearlake, Anderson Marsh, Cache Creek, Lower Lake Park, Redbud Park, Austin Park

Types of trails are Existing, Proposed (approved in plans) and Conceptual Connections (wish list) divided into a three-tiered hierarchy:

  • Regional Trails (RT), connecting neighboring communities or regionally significant attractions.
  • Community Connector Pathways (CP), link important land uses and areas of interest, into the regional system
  • Local Trails/Pathways (LT), connect neighborhoods to schools, shopping; trails within parks.

Please note: Conceptual connections listed may or may not be possible trail routes due to a variety of reasons – terrain, cost, land issues. These are just a suggested wishlist and will be researched/revised in the future.

East Shore List from Workshop 1 and Online Survey:

Type    Description
RT    Connection to Berryessa
RT    Connection to Knoxville
RT    Dam Road to the dam
CP    Clearlake to Cache Creek
LT    Anderson Marsh
LT    Borax Lake
Existing Bike Lanes (red solid line)
Proposed Trails: Bike Lanes (pink dotted lines); Water Trails (pink lines)

East Shore List from Workshop 2
CP    Connections from school complex to the State Park
RT    Bike path on Perini Rd; Connect from Boggs Mtn to Lower Lake via Perini Road
RT    Connection from BLM Cache Creek Wilderness/Perkins Ridge to Cache Creek Dam
CP    Snows Lake Vineyard old road on Siegler Canyon Creek as a potential trail route
CP    Quackenbush Rd. leads to BLM via County Landfill, Cache Creek and Dam
CP    Lakeshore Blvd Bike path; Lakeshore Bike Trail past Borax Lake
CP    Sunrise Shores connection to Anderson Marsh extension parking
RT    Connection from Anderson Marsh to Clearlake Riviera County Park via Thurston Lake loop
CP    Connect existing bike lanes along the Highway (people walk to Walmart)
RT    Connections to Middletown and Napa
CP    Connections between City of Clearlake and Lower Lake

Additional Destinations:

  • Snows Lake; Thurston Lake


  • NCTPA transportation agency in Napa will coordinate with Lake County on regional connections;
  • 600 unit approved development (Provinsalia) and connection to Cache Creek Wilderness with internal trails on Cache Creek. Will these be public? Need a specific trail policy ;


  • Jurisdiction question about local pathways – many are within cities but this is a county plan – could we create an overlaying district and coordinating entity for all trails; Need to get more city staff and reps here; Lakeshore Blvd Bike path
  • (A) idea for undercrossing from schools to Anderson Marsh State Park was designed in the 1980’s but scrapped – cross under highway at the creek or at Dam Road;
  • Diamond hunters park and create problems on Perini Rd;
  • Open gate off Lakeview Way to allow access to Anderson Marsh kayak launch; The Anderson Marsh Water trails could be used to promote tourism for bird & nature watching. Advertising in bird magazines, Sierra Mag, etc. Get AM State Park North Flat Parking open!
  • Intervening private land between BLM side trail to Cache Creek
  • (F) Parking at Sunrise Shores private land, is there an Audubon legal easement?
  • (G) Thurston Creek is an important wildlife corridor. Developer was going to dedicate 300 acres. Is this for sale?


  • Bike ride/race on Perrini Rd needs signage to acknowledge regular usage;
  • Have Clean Up Day at Anderson Marsh kayak launch to generate interest.
  • Need policy language that requires public access in developments
  • Have signposts indicating future potential connections, destinations and resources
  • Need designated start-stop parking spots and bus connections along routes.
  • Many trails along vineyards and farms; Agricultural community needs to be encouraged.
  • (G) 10 mile loop running from Anderson Marsh (the Dell) along the ridgeline north of Thurston Lake to Riviera County Park, and back along the South side of Thurston Lake.
  • (E/H) A noticeable, signed “visitor” bike trail along Lakeshore Blvd to encourage more use by citizens here and to attract tourists. Getting existing lodges along lake to participate.
  • (A) Trail from Sleepy Hollow Trailer Park to the Dam along Cache Creek, look at easement

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