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Northshore Study Area

Communities and Destination Areas : Nice, Lucerne, Clearlake Oaks, Nylander Park, Clearlake Oaks Boat Launch, Lucerne Harbor Park, Alpine Park, Hammond Park, Hinman Park, Holiday Harbor, Keeling Park

Types of trails are Existing, Proposed (approved in plans) and Conceptual Connections (wish list) divided into a three-tiered hierarchy:

  • Regional Trails (RT), connecting neighboring communities or regionally significant attractions.
  • Community Connector Pathways (CP), link important land uses and areas of interest, into the regional system
  • Local Trails/Pathways (LT), connect neighborhoods to schools, shopping; trails within parks.

Please note: Conceptual connections listed may or may not be possible trail routes due to a variety of reasons – terrain, cost, land issues. These are just a suggested wishlist and will be researched/revised in the future.

Northshore List from Workshop 1 and Online Survey

Type    Description
RT    Northshore Ridgeline
RT    Bartlett Springs to Long Valley and Walker Ridge
RT    Access to MNF from High Valley Rd
RT    Northshore to Lakeport trail/bikelane
RT    Cache Creek Wilderness area
RT    Bartlett Springs Road to Pinnacle Rock
CP    Backroads of Clearlake Oaks
CP    Power line easements above Nice off Lakeview and Dodge
CP    Paperlot subdivisions in Nice and Lucerne
LT    Pathways into Plaza from foothills in Clearlake Oaks
Proposed Trails: Bike Lanes (pink dotted lines); Water Trails (pink lines)

North Shore List from Workshop 2:
Type    Description
RT    Continuing #B to Borax Lake via Sulphur Bank Drive
RT    Clearlake Oaks to Hwy 53 via Sulphur Bank Drive
RT    High Valley Road back into Fuller Canyon
RT    Downtown Clearlake Oaks up to Shannon Ridge
RT    Connection from Long Valley/Spring Valley along evacuation route to High Valley Road
RT    New/Old Long Valley Roads connection
RT    Doe Trail from Spring Valley to Indian Valley Reservoir
CP    Larger loop connecting Lucerne to the Ridgeline/High Valley Road/old campground
CP    Downtown Clearlake Oaks to Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine/EPA Site
CP    Paradise Valley from basin up to Ridgeline, loops
CP    Downtown Clearlake Oaks up along Schindler Creek
LT    Connecting parks in Clearlake Oaks to Clark Island

Additional notes from Workshop 2:

  • Additional Destinations:  Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine Historic Site
  • Questions: Ridgeline Trail – Status, Timeline
  • Amenities desired: Connectivity to Parks, food, etc.; Multi-use trails, camping, day use; Picnic facilities/tiered use; Signage (distance from point A to point B); Cell phone connection info; Stewardship; Patrol, maintenance, service calls; Emergency access
  • Concerns: Liability concerns, Vandalism, trash, illegal dumping, marijuana gardens; Safety
  • Opportunities: Volunteer coordination intern at MNF/volunteer opportunities

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