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Westshore Study Area

Communities and Destination Areas :
Upper Lake/Lakeport, Rodman Slough, Upper Lake Park, Library Park

Types of trails are Existing, Proposed (approved in plans) and Conceptual Connections (wish list) divided into a three-tiered hierarchy:

  • Regional Trails (RT), connecting neighboring communities or regionally significant attractions.
  • Community Connector Pathways (CP), link important land uses and areas of interest, into the regional system
  • Local Trails/Pathways (LT), connect neighborhoods to schools, shopping; trails within parks.

Please note: Conceptual connections listed may or may not be possible trail routes due to a variety of reasons – terrain, cost, land issues. These are just a suggested wishlist and will be researched/revised in the future.

Westshore List from Workshop1 and Online Survey

Type    Description.
RT    Trails to Blue Lakes
RT    Connections to Snow Mountain
RT    Lakeport to Glen Eden Trail/Cow Mountain
RT    Upper Lake to Glen Eden Trail/Cow Mountain
RT    Lakeport to Upperlake
RT    Lakeside Park to Lakeport
RT    Connection to Ukiah
CP    Bridge Arbor Trail
CP    Family Friendly trails in Cow Mountain Area
CP    Scotts Valley/Goat Rock Trail
CP    Rodman Slough to Sutter Lakeside
LT    More trails on Rodman Slough
LT    Within City of Lakeport
Proposed Trails: Bike Lanes (pink dotted lines); Water Trails (pink lines)
Existing Bike Lanes (red solid line)

Westshore List from Workshop 2
Type    Description
RT    Lakeport to Highland Springs
RT    Connect to Westside Park
RT    Water Trail from Rodman Slough down to Library Park area
CP    Loop circling Lakeport
CP    Connection to Bloody Island
CP    Interpretive trail through solar array area, treatment facility, etc.

Additional Destinations:
•    (A) Mendocino College (point of interest); (B) Rodman Slough Visitor Center; (C)County Park at Rodman Slough; (D) Sutter Lakeside; (F) Lakeport Town Center; (G) Linder-Hanson Millbery Park to be developed by Trowel & Trellis; Solar array

What Excites You:

•    Diverse usage of trails; non-motorized trails (safety); combines recreation and transportation; connectivity with public transport; connectivity between Upper Lake and Lakeport; Flat – many people can use; places to stop; connection with water and land; connection between cultural and natural;


•    Bike parking; funding, timing of APC, coordinated planning process; TOT tax as seed $ for bike paths; Lakeport park grants for staging areas (restrooms, etc.); more tourism in the shoulder months; disciplined bike trails will encourage more people to visit; SB?? $ for trails connected; bike race around the lake; ask for trail easements upon property sale; building youth stewardship; alleys as Right-of-ways in Lakeport; Internet as communication


•    Easements; bike visibility; funding; community planning -> past -> today, coordinating multiple planning processes; “private rights” NIMBYS; don’t put large rocks in parking areas that have horses; “Fear of Liability” issues; Fear of vandalism, ATVs, litter, trespassing; requires law enforcement/supervision services


•    Farm sites included from Farm Trails and Wine Tasting; Art Trails; Map public restroom facilities; consider vaulted toilets; info kiosks; important – use trails for communities


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