Mt. Konocti

In November 2009, the County of Lake closed  escrow on 1344 acres on Mt. Konocti. The county had previously purchased 176 acres, which included the communication towers on Buckingham Peak.

The county-owned 1520 acres (shown in rust on the map) are contiguous with an existing 821 acres of public lands managed by BLM (shown in blue). Together, this would include the Black Forest, Wright Peak, Howard Peak, South Peak and Buckingham Peak. It also includes the original homestead and a stand of magnificent maul oak trees.

The ultimate goal – to eventually link the county and BLM-owned land with Clear Lake State Park, making it possible to develop hiking trails from Clear Lake to the top of Mt. Konocti.

Future uses could include: horseback riding, picnicking, exploring, flower observations, nature walks, photography, birdwatching, hiking and reflection.

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  1. Please continue to plan for a dogs-on-leash trail. It is hard to find many places to walk one’s dog in the Clearlake area. Also, a loop trail without steep grades, for us older folks, would be greatly appreciated.

  2. My name is Paul Villanueva. I am currently the Pres. of the Clearlake Horseman Assoc. and the Vice Pres. of the Lake and Mendo Back Country Horsemen. I am speeking as a concerned individual but assure you I am backed by the majority of equestians in Lake County. It is our tax dollars that was used in the purchase of Mt. Konocti and we have a right to be included it its use. There has also been a long history of equestrian use on Mt. Konocti with many rides put on by Lake County residents. I am a little concerned about opening of this new trail system to hikers only. My feeling is this could set a presidence and restrict other groups from using the trails on Mt. Konocti. I hope this is not the case. I do intend to be more active and involved in this area and its use.

    • Good morning Paul,
      Regarding Mt. Konocti, I want to assure you equestrian use of the mountain is being considered as part of the Master Management Plan. In fact, Karen Sullivan appeared before the master plan committee last week to discuss equestrian use. I do not plan to open the mountain without a master plan that will govern types of use. The mountain, that was purchased for conservation and preservation, needs a master plan to govern its use so that the site is not compromised. The county will allow equestrian use initially with a special permit so that we know who is on site, and for how long. In addition, for your information, the mountain was purchased with special geothermal revenue funds and not one cent of general fund tax dollars. That is not to say you don’t have every right to have an opinion regarding the mountains recreational use.

      Let me know if you would like to discuss your concerns further. I encourage and welcome input.

      Kim K. Clymire
      Public Services Director

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